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Is britesmile teeth whitening any good?

Is britesmile teeth whitening any good Is britesmile teeth whitening any good?

Britesmile teeth whitening is one of the most sold teeth whitening products in the world. Britesmile offers clinical teeth whitening or at home kits that you can purchase form their website.

I have for a long time wondered how this product actually works. For this article I have gathering user experiences from different forums and yahoo answers, and browsed through britesmile reviews that I have found all over the web, and here is a summary of what I found.

People talk almost exclusively possibility about the britesmile clinical treatment. This treatment is fairly expensive, but according to what people say, it undoubtedly works well.

When it comes to the at home treatment pens, the opinions were a bit split, some say that their teeth got a lot whiter, other britesmile reviews I read said that the difference between before and after was minimal.

When I read about britesmile, I did see a few people complain about the customer service, which really scares a bit. whether this is rare or not, I don’t know, but no one likes bad customer service.

This is a short summary of what I found, if you want to do some more research for yourself, you can go to google and do a search for brite smile, followed by review, forum, yahoo answers, in order to find user experiences. There seems to be a whole lot of possitive reviews of britesmile, but there are a few negative ones as well. I recommend that you do a little more reseach on your own before making up your mind.

Good luck to you!

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